Mission, values & history

Why we do what we do and how we got to where we are?

Upcoming training:

Level 1: Establishing a Practice - starts 12/2/20 (FULL)

Level 2: Developing the Inner Witness - starts 14/4/20

Level 3: Fruits of Resilience - starts 14/7/20

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Our mission


We aim to promote the understanding of mindfulness and to encourage evidence based mindfulness and meditation practices to help people to become more resilient, aware, positive and happier.

Our values


Going beyond relaxation, we value the benefits that evidence based and practical mindfulness can bring to all people:

Someone who is coping with today's pressure and challenges but would like to become more resilient, build better emotional intelligence, enjoy life more, be more compassionate and be more present.

Someone who is affected by a condition such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain or addiction and would like to take a mindfulness approach in their management.

A health care professional who would like to adopt an integrative medicine approach to their patient care and their self care.

a professional who would like to better improve their interpersonal, communication and problem solving skills at work, as well as finding a better work-life balance.

Our history


Dr. Chris Walsh (MBBS, DPM, FAChAM) developed mindfulness.org.au in 2004, during a time when very little was known about mindfulness in Australia. The site began with a definition of mindfulness, introductory articles and some international references. 


Over the next a few years, Dr. Walsh has tirelessly built on the site with frequent Resource updates, which included articles, publications and multimedia resources on mindfulness and its various practical techniques. Dr. Walsh continues to update and produce new resources today with enthusiastic dedication to our mission.​

Even prior to the establishment of the website, Dr. Walsh had been providing mindfulness training to many of his hospital inpatients over many years. After seeing material benefits experienced by patients who were suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction and many other conditions, he was encouraged by his patients and colleagues to provide a direct-to-public mindfulness training in 2016 (Mindfulness with Dr. Walsh).

All this came very timely, during a period of a "mindfulness boom". While this helpfully brought mindfulness to the attention of many, it also spawned many "half baked" training by practitioners who didn’t really understand mindfulness at all. These commercialised, feel good mindfulness classes are unhelpful and have been christened "McMindfulness"


In contrast, we aim to remain as a source of evidence based resilience building mindfulness for all.

* Financial gains from the course goes to towards our public Resources and awareness raising.



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